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City Commission takes first vote to reinstate single-family zoning

Last night, the Gainesville City Commission finally got around to holding its first reading of three new ordinances designed to reinstate single-family zoning and "effectively" repeal the package of "exclusionary zoning" ordinances passed last fall by the previous Commission. Predictably, the vote was 4-3 in favor the repeal (or reset), with Commissioners Saco, Willitts, and Eastman dissenting.


I spoke three times on behalf, and at the request, of my former neighborhood association in University Park at Hour 1:20:35; 2:36; and 2:49:35 in the video below.


We are grateful to Mayor Ward and Commissioners Book, Chestnut, and Duncan-Walker for fulfilling their campaign pledge to the voters to reverse course on this and protect our precious neighborhoods. A second and final reading is still required, as well as state review of the Comprehensive Plan changes.

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