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State Attorney Bill Cervone Endorses Campaign

I am especially honored to have long-time Duckpond resident and State Attorney Bill Cervone's endorsement in the Gainesville Sun today:

Ill-conceived ideas

I have owned my home in the city for over 40 years. Despite every effort I make to conserve, my utility bill has never been higher and it will apparently climb more because of city mismanagement of GRU.

Commissioners talk about a “living wage” but they refuse to adequately fund police positions and salaries, leading to officer shortages that put everyone at risk.

Commissioners choose to focus on illusory problems that are not even within their authority, and City Hall is dominated by one mindset, resulting in no meaningful consideration of other views and leaving those who believe in fiscal responsibility with no voice.

Ill-conceived ideas that threaten the quality of life in our neighborhoods with noise, over-development, and uncontrolled alcohol and drug use distract from the real needs of our city.

For these and many other reasons I urge voters to elect Robert Mounts to the City Commission.

Bill Cervone, Gainesville
Gainesville Sun, February 25, 2019


Let's be honest, endorsements from those who know me well mean more to me than any endorsement of a special interest group.  For example, the Sierra Club jumped out and endorsed the incumbent before I even qualified to run, with no opportunity to even meet his challenger.  Then one of their Board members attempted a clumsy "hit job" on me, taking words out of context from a four-year old article in the Florida Alligator (for which he had to apologize just hours later).  So I ask you, how much is their endorsement really worth?

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